Mr Duong's passion for gems grew after he opened Vietnam's first gemological laboratory in Ha Noi. Reflecting this infatuation, the sculptural section of our museum impresses visitors with its subject variety and the quality of the gems themselves.

Based exclusively on global religious iconography, the soul of the collection stems from Mr Duong's personal world view: all cultures of the universe are representative of a specific religious attitude. Vietnamese culture has been profoundly influenced by Buddhism, Confucianism, Animism and more recently by Catholicism. Contemporary beliefs, traditions and ceremonies often display a fusion of these distinct religions.

The exhibition is divided into three sections:

Gem minerals - Here visitors will see the stones as they appeared at the time of extraction.

Cut stones and carvings - This section showcases the stones' characteristics of transparency, brightness and color emerge through the working process.

Sculptures - To showcase the skills and talent of Vietnamese artists who are adept at interpreting the stones without compromising their quality.